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Giving Tree, 2023
Hand-dyed bamboo yarn, for Manzanita branches
94.5 x 37 x 6 inches

Giving Tree is an installation of crochet-wrapped branches specially designed for the unique inset nook in the wall above the stairwell in the clients’ home. In this 94.5 x 37 x 6 inch space, using my signature gold colored yarns and 4 branch pieces, I stitched form fitting coverings directly onto each branch segment on all but the tips of each branch. Their curving branch segments appear to be growing in and out of the wall as part of one tree limb, with branches extending out past the confines of the architecture as in gesture to the viewer. My intent was to activate the corner in this very unique inset archway with a sense of nature as one first walks in the doorway and looks to the left, as well as descending the staircase.